Cause of Death

It’s been a while sense I posted. As I was fasting away from social media- I thought I was fasting for more understanding for the ministry work ahead of me. But it was more to it. I needed to get away to prepare myself to recieve the “cause of death” of my son Zane. For 2 months and a half- we patiently waited. We didn’t assume.We didn’t accuse.We prayed as we patiently waited for answers. We asked God not to allow our anger to be our drive. I wanted to know what took my baby so suddenly. April, the 17th is a day I will never forget. For some reason, I made the call. We went together to get his death certificate……I was CERTIAN it was SIDS. I. WAS. WRONG.

I almost fainted when I read it…never heard of it. It was SEPSIS. Look it up, if you never heard of it. I did. Blew my mind. This journey to understanding what happened to my baby is just beginning. I was up early this morning asking God how should I began this journey…I dont want any bitterness in my heart- but closure. My son is worth this fight.

John 8:32

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Rest in peace baby Zane. I am so sorry that you suffered while you were here!!!

#babyzanelives #justiceforZane

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