For the Love of Money: How money is Made in the medical field

They don’t care. Sad to say, but when it comes down the pharmaceutical and medical industry- it all boils down to this: how much money can be made? Even if it means the cost of a life- the goal is to keep medicine and the money going.

I remember talking to a college friend one day. We both agreed that the medical field will always keep you employed. You will never be out of a job. Why? Because people are always sick and need some kind of medical attention. Sad, but the medical field LOVES the idea of someone getting sick! It keeps their business running.

Why would a perfectly healthy baby just being born need shots? Why? Let me give give you a real breakdown about “well checks” in children- the truth.

1. A healthy baby is born. In minutes of life, they get the hepatitis B shot and the vitamin k. Shots equal money. Hospitals and doctors get bonuses for every shot given.

2. At about 2 months, a well check is required- and of course shots. Once again the doctor is getting paid a bonus for the vaccines.

3. At some point in your child’s life they may have a reaction to the meds given. So any concern parent do what they know best: take them to the doctor. A parent may be told their child is autistic, eczema, food allergies, cancer and so forth. And of course, they recommend you keep getting shots (More bonuses for the doctors). Once your child is diagnosed they suggest another medication to “treat” the diagnosis (more money being made).

4. Your child gets treatment, (not cured) for the condition theyhave. And of course they are not gonna try to cure you because – if the cure is given out, there is no money to be made!!!

5. Death. So all the time a parent spent trusting their doctors about their children’s health problems, all the medicine that a child has been given has screwed up their system- their body began to shut down and they are no longer any use. So they die. And the parents are left with grief and unanswered questions.

6. Keep the medicine and the money rolling. Just because a few children die, dont stop the the “higher ups” from keeping things going. Business is finished with that family, because their child is “no longer in use.” So they move on to the next mom to be- to keep their business going.

So there you have it. Well checks are not really well checks. They are a way to trying to persuade you to to keep your child injected. I still take my kids to the doctor. And I am constantly trying to be persuaded about vaccines.

But I am woke- and now that my son died, I am very WIDE awake and aware.

Life should always be the first priority. Not money!

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”
1 Timothy 6:10 KJV

Rest in peace baby Zane. Wo unto them that cared more about the bonuses than your precious life.

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